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Nothing beats experience and a fresh eye on a situation.


Askomil has extensive experience in taking digital products and services to market in the following sectors:

  • Broadband media
  • Consumer electronics
  • Travel
  • Fleet & automotive
  • Financial
  • Telecommunications
  • Charity

Every digital venture, from a simple website to a new product launch, requires careful market analysis to identify the best strategy. Askomil adds value to the process right from the start.


  • Strategic Consulting
  • Internet Strategy
  • Business Analysis
  • Market Analysis


It's in your commercial interest to make sure that your website or service meets standards of excellence. For one thing, it is easy for disappointed visitors to vote with their mouse and go elsewhere, but non-compliance with regulations can land you in hot water. Ask yourself some tough questions:

  • Search engines: Where do you rank ion searches on your important keywords?
  • Usability: How many of my users get put off because my site is difficult to use?
  • Online trading: Is my online store in breach of e-Commerce Regulations? What about the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations?
  • Personal information: Does my site comply with the 1998 Data Protection Act?
  • Accessibility: Does my website comply with the 1999 Disability Discrimination Act?

Audit Services

  • Search engines
  • Usability
  • eCommerce
  • Data Protection
  • Accessibility

Bright Ideas

Askomil is not a "Yes" company that agrees with clients about everything. We provide a huge amount of value by questioning preconceptions and generating original ideas. Some of this is formalised as ideas facilitation and prototyping, and some of it is fairly random.


The delivery of a website or application needs more than project management techniques. Askomil provides project orchestration services - someone to own responsibility for the final deliverable and orchestrate a multi-skilled team to deliver it.

  • Requirements definition: understanding the needs of the client or sponsor and creating a tight specification that can be understood and owned by the development team.
  • Project management: we have experience in providing project management services to complex projects up to $1m in size.
  • Supplier selection & management: identifying, selecting, and managing partner relationships.

Web design and online marketing

Askomil is a web design and online marketing company based near Cambridge, UK. We are ideally placed to server clients throughout Cambridgeshire, East Anglia and beyond, including St Ives, Huntingdon, Royston, Ely, Peterborough and Newmarket.

Internet consultancy

We provide Internet consultancy services, including project management, strategic consulting, Internet strategy, business analysis and market analysis. We also provide audit services for assessing an organisation's performance and compliance in the areas of usability, online trading, search engine optimization, data protection and accessibility.

Web Design

Askomil's approach to design is within the context of information architecture, creating pathways to knowledge through complex information. We provide affordable website design services including information design, visual design and user interface design.

Web Technology

We use web technology to achieve results. We implement ecommerce solutions, including shopping carts, secure ordering, and order tracking. In addition, we provide content management systems for easy update of content through browser-based editing tools.

Online Marketing

Our Internet marketing services include traffic driving using a number of techniques, such as search engine optimisation, banner advertising, product comparison engines and affiliate programmes. In addition, we make sure that clients are making best use of the Internet for customer relationship management - building lasting relationships with customers through email communications.

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