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Information Architecture

What is an information architect?

information n. 1 the communication or reception of knowledge or intelligence

architect n. 2 a person who designs and guides a plan or undertaking An information architect is to information what a building architect is to a building - someone who helps the client understand their needs, defines the concept, and orchestrates a multi-disciplined team to deliver a product that is usable, useful and used.

Richard Saul Wurman created the following definition in 1996: Ar.chi.tect [L infotectus] n.

  1. the individual who organizes the patterns inherent in data, making the complex clear.
  2. a person who creates the structure or map of information which allows others to find their personal path to knowledge.
  3. the emerging 21st century professional occupation addressing the needs of the age focused upon clarity, human understanding and the science of the organization of information.



Web design and online marketing

Askomil is a web design and online marketing company based near Cambridge, UK. We are ideally placed to server clients throughout Cambridgeshire, East Anglia and beyond, including St Ives, Huntingdon, Royston, Ely, Peterborough and Newmarket.

Internet consultancy

We provide Internet consultancy services, including project management, strategic consulting, Internet strategy, business analysis and market analysis. We also provide audit services for assessing an organisation's performance and compliance in the areas of usability, online trading, search engine optimization, data protection and accessibility.

Web Design

Askomil's approach to design is within the context of information architecture, creating pathways to knowledge through complex information. We provide affordable website design services including information design, visual design and user interface design.

Web Technology

We use web technology to achieve results. We implement ecommerce solutions, including shopping carts, secure ordering, and order tracking. In addition, we provide content management systems for easy update of content through browser-based editing tools.

Online Marketing

Our Internet marketing services include traffic driving using a number of techniques, such as search engine optimisation, banner advertising, product comparison engines and affiliate programmes. In addition, we make sure that clients are making best use of the Internet for customer relationship management - building lasting relationships with customers through email communications.

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